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Why & When Are the Outside Doors Locked?

Many people have had issues with the outside door locks. While in a perfect world we would leave the church doors unlocked and be welcoming all the time, in today’s environment everyone’s safety who is inside the building is paramount. Scheduling events on the church calendar is the best way to assure the doors are unlocked when needed. If the event is not on the calendar, we cannot schedule the doors to be unlocked.

When an event is scheduled, the doors are unlocked 20 minutes before the start and remain unlocked until 15 minutes after the event has started. If someone shows up more than 15 minutes after the start, they will either need to knock on the door or call someone who is inside. If your group has an event already on the church calendar, and you decide to cancel it; it is even more important to inform the church office because if you don’t, that means that no one is here AND the church doors are unlocked.

If anyone needs a door code consistently, one can be provided. However, under no circumstances are door codes to be shared. Another “no-no” is locking the push bars open. That allows anyone to simply walk in off the street. Again, we cannot expose people inside the church to a potentially dangerous situation. Many churches have been in the news because of horrific events. Let’s make sure Crestview doesn’t join that list.

Last, door codes should work on every door that has a keypad (seven in all). If you have any questions or need more information regarding the Crestview’s  door lock policy, please call or email the office at

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

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