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Youth Envelope Fundraiser

The flock has flown and is roosting for another year. What a great experience the Flamingo fundraiser has been for the church and our youth this year. So far, with the money collected we have raised just over $2,500! That gets us just shy $1000 of our fundraising goal.

With the added expense of a larger vehicle needed this year and DOUBLE the amount of youth going on the mission trip to Kenosha, WI this year, we have one more fundraiser to do. However, this fundraiser might just benefit YOU too!

On June 4th you will find Envelopes hanging in the Gathering Grounds. Fifty of them to be exact. In each envelope you will find a number between 1 and 50. If you choose to participate, you pick an envelope, then whatever number you find in your envelope, is how much money you place back in the envelope to donate to the youth. For example, if you choose the number 16, you put $16 in the envelope and return it to the youth. Plus, in each envelope you will find a handwritten bible verse that reminds us of God’s command to serve others. Also, in SOME envelopes, you might find a great coupon like a free Bigby coffee, or even better, a gift card to CincySammy’s! Even possibly other coupons. You never know what you might find in your envelope. This last fundraiser will get us to our goal!

Thank you so much to all those who participated in the Flamingos and the flamingo insurance. Your contributions have made our mission trip possible and have helped us fundraise with a smile on our faces!