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Youth Summer Schedule

Below is the youth summer schedule. Contact Tracie for further information.

June 24—-Foundation meeting via zoom.  Jr. High 5pm, Senior High 7pm.
June 28—-Senior tailgate party–Crestview Parking Lot–5:00pm
June 28—-Nights In Narnia–The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe–Crestview parking lot 6:30pm
July 1——Minute to Win it Game night–Crestview Church–6:30-8;30
July 8—–Geocaching–Sharon Woods–6:30-8:30 (bring a bag supper)
July 12—-Hiking–French Park in Blue Ash–1:00-4:00pm
July 22—-Foundation Meeting via zoom.  Jr. High 5pm, Senior HIgh 7pm
July 26—-Creeking–Details TBA
July 26—-Nights In Narnia–Prince Caspian–6:30pm
July 29—-Photo Scavenger Hunt–Crestview 6:30-8:30
August 8–Car wash for Charity–Crestview–1:00pm-4:00pm
August 9–Nights in Narnia–The Voyage of the Dawn Treader–6:30pm
August 12–Back to School BASH (Bringing All Students Home)–Crestview–6:30-8:30pm